Smart Electric Clothes Dryer 便携烘干神器


The Smart Portable Clothes Dryer is convenient to carry around.


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Convenience on the go: The Smart Portable Clothes Dryer

【旅人必BUY!】烫手的烘干机?——No No No!这绝对是旅行便携烘干神器!!

Portable Clothes Dryer provide a compact and moblie means of drying clothes, it’s great for business travellers, campers and even within residences.

The Smart Portable Clothes Dryer is convenient to carry around and will dry and lightweight clothing including shirts, T-shirt, infant wear and underwear but excluding silk cotton clothes in a matter of three hours thanks to its fast drying technology.

The dryer features a negative ion function that helps to sanitize clothes against mold, prt dander, cigarette smoke, spores, pollen, bacteria, dust and other dangerous airborne items.

Users can set the clothing care functions on the dryer which include: moiture-proof, mould-proof, moth-proof, sterilization and smell resistance.

This product adopts the P.T.C. (Positive Temperature Coefficient) and its advantages include gentle heating technology, low power, high thermal efficiency, safety and reliability. It adopts heating technology that moderate heat dissipation, with built-in microcomputer protection, which causes an automatic switch from hot to cold air within three hours;
This means that The Smart Portable Clothes Dryer takes up a very small amount of energy – this is great because it keeps cost incredibly low.

The product is equipped with protection against overheating as its core temperature control system is made up of high temperature resistant flame retardant materials.

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